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I’m excited.

There is a new app coming out for the iPhone called Epic Win which looks awesome. It’s a ToDo list with a twist, one that has you completing task like an RPG and leveling up a character, finding loot and generally being awesome. It’s being created by Rexbox (one of the artists who worked on Little Big Planet) and Studio FungFung (who made MiniSquadron for the iPhone). It looks spectacular and a lot of fun!

I have tried a number of ToDo applications and computer programs. None of them are really my thing. My problem with them is I never feel like there is any incentive to actually use them. I start off with good intentions and slowly stop using it because I don’t have a reason to come back to it. I’m hoping Epic Win will change that by making my activities more than things I cross off a list.

Things like this have been done before in the app store, but there’s something about wrapping it up in a fantasy world illustrated by Rexbox that appeals to me. I’m also really interested in the loot they talk about (who doesn’t want a Helm of Questionable Appeal?) and seeing how they are going to pull off the app in general.

One question many people have been asking about the app is what is going to keep people from cheating? The answer is simple: nothing really, but that’s not the point of the app. While there are game elements wrapped into it, the app is suppose to encourage users to actually use there ToDo list and feel a sort of exhilaration from completing tasks. It a great example of Alternate Reality Gaming at its finest and I hope it comes out soon.


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