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Earlier this week I lost my valuable Internet connection to what I can only guess was a borked router. I spent three days huddled alone in the darkness at home with only the light of my iPhone to provide me with access to my email. Why is this so bad? Well, aside from not being able to post for three days I was also unable to play a number of the games I have been recently because they are all on Steam.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Steam. The platform has taken more money from me since I started using it again back in December than I have spent in the past few years on video games. I sometimes shudder when I look at my list of 50+ games and think about how I’m ever going to get through them all. Regardless, the past few days I couldn’t even touch them because of my lack of Internet connection. This is where I see the problem of cloud computing coming to bite the gamer in the ass.

The biggest hurdle I see with getting cloud computing working long term is creating a stable system for Internet delivery. I’d like to think that our network is stable and could handle something like cloud computing, but if this past week has been any indication to me it shows me how easily the system can be broken.  Cloud computing just adds more parts the equation (modems, routers, ISPs, stream size, signal strength) on top of all the computer pieces that need to be in order before you can play your games.

I’m not going to stop using Steam (I’ve sunk to much money into it to back out now anyway), but I will definitely keep my consoles around for the days when my connection to the cloud keeps me from playing my games.


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