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Amidst the dying buzz of E3, which ended almost two weeks ago, La Time reporter Mark Millian made an interesting observation about one of the largest video game conventions in North America; mobile games were almost nowhere to be seen. There were certainly devices, patrons and reporters alike were spotted by the blogger carrying about their smart phones and Apple’s new iPad, but save for Disney and EA there were no booths setup for mobile gaming.

Even though smartphones are quickly becoming the highest penetrated gaming platform, their absence from E3 doesn’t surprise me in the least. As the article states, mobile gaming is really “unsexy.”

So it doesn’t surprise me that companies opted out of the “flat screens, loud sounds and big flashy graphics.” Casual games don’t belong there. I think this is why many are stating Nintendo was top dog at the convention. Compared to their showing last year Nintendo announced the return of many of the old favorite franchises (and there was much rejoicing). Microsoft on the other hand, showcased their motion controls (to the dismay of many) which cost them a lot of face among the hardcore crowd that frequents E3.

If there is a mobile developer out there kicking themselves for missing their chance to show up to E3 with their impressive new game they are doing it wrong. Mobile gaming needs new media, not old. Let the big guys flex their muscles and macho around in front of everyone. Mobile will be out back actually having some fun.


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