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A Half Dozen Zombie Games

Following on the heels of my last post here are six games that feature zombies as enemies (and maybe one with a zombie main character).

Resident Evil Franchise

There are zombies everywhere in these games (in all shapes and sizes too). Zombie dogs, zombies with chainsaws, black zombies; it has everything. I never really got into these games until Resident Evil 4 when your character stopped moving like a tank. Also, here is an excellent comparison between Kingdom Hearts 2 and Resident Evil 4 that everyone needs to made aware of.

Dead Rising

Lots of zombies in this one too, plus a shopping mall full of things to kill them with. I’ve gotten to play around with this game a bit but never actually played it all the way through. It was fun to squirt zombies with squirt guns until they ate me. There is suppose to be a sequel coming out soon that I will have to check out.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Speaking of shooting zombies with squirt guns this is a game all about that. Well, that and saving your neighbors. Sadly, I have not played this game (I’m sure there is a ROM of it out there somewhere) but I’ve been assured by a good friend of mine that it is most definitely worth checking out.

Plants Vs. Zombies

The name pretty much says it all. There are zombies and there are plants. You can guess which one wants to eat you.

Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse

It’s nice every once in a while to experience the story from the other side and Stubbs the Zombie is your chance to do so. Shamble around the town of Punchbowel devouring brains and adding to your zombies ranks.A nice change of pace when you’re tired of taking off a zombie’s head with a shotgun.

Bonus! Zombie Hooker Nightmare

Play it. Now.


Wow, and I totally forgot Left 4 Dead. I fail at this apparently…


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Zombies are everywhere in video games these days. Off the top of my head I can probably rattle off half a dozen games or franchises that feature zombies as their main enemy and can probably dig up two dozen more I’m not familiar with via the Internet. So what’s with the fascination with the shambling undead? Why are there so many zombies games out there?

I’m sure many game designers have a fascination (or at least enjoy) B horror movies many of which feature some kind of zombie or another. I’m sure they have all seen “Night of the Living Dead” or reveled in the hilarity that is “Shaun of the Dead“. Either way I’m sure they have all wondered if they could survive a zombie apocalypse and what better way to prove that than to make a video game about doing just that?

Another reason zombies could be so prevalent in video games is how many different kinds there are. Everything from slow to fast to intelligent zombies have been featured in video games and film. Zombies can be super strong, wield chainsaws, or be dressed up as long dead Nazi soldiers. Got a game where you need to shoot something? You can probably fit a zombie in there somewhere.

Where there’s one zombie there are more. Seriously, have you ever seen just one zombie? I didn’t think so. This mans that as a game designer you have a large number of enemies to throw at the player without having to get too creative. Dead Rising was all about killing zombies in interesting ways and gamers loved it.

Finally, there is the almost human aspect of zombies. Zombies are on the good edge of that uncanny valley where we can get the satisfaction of splattering them all over the walls without feeling too guilty about it. I’m sure there is also some genius marketing in making the enemies of a game zombies so activists don’t cry wolf because gamers are shooting at other people.

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